Netflix won't load (2.02.32)

Hi, I am on the latest firmware (2.02.32) and this issue just was noticed a couple weeks ago.  When launching Netflix, the initial splash screen shows and then the picture appears to be mostly off the page, but it is not the normal Netflix menu.  It has the text “Netflix” in it, but we are unable to do anything except back out of it.  The other apps appear to be working fine.

I am going to try to roll back to the previous firmware, but anyone else experience this?

OK, on 2.01.86, it does the same thing.  Initial splash screen and then a black screen with Netflix text appears on the left side but is half-off the screen.  I formatted the TV picture to see if I could “move” it over, but it looks to be cropped.  

I’m at a loss.

I am at a loss too. 

When you rolled back, did you do a factory reset? You may also want to try KAD79’s Reset Everything script.


Also, I assumed the other apps were OK, but Pandora is acting weird.  Sometimes 1 hour, sometimes 10 minutes, Pandora will return to the station select screen.

That sounds like your network is dropping the connection. 

That’s what I’m thinking for the Pandora issue, but not for the Netflix problem.