Netflix will not load

I had previously posted this earlier in the wrong forum. It was suggested that I wait awhile and try again. It has been over 12 hours now and I am still having the same problem.

I’ve been using the WD TV Live Hub with no problems until now.

When I try to run Netflix I get the intro screen, it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds, then the device restarts.

I used it last on 3/11 with no problems after I upgraded to 2.04.13 and my other online services such as Pandora and Facebook still work.

I have tried rolling back to 2.02.16, upgrading back to 2.04.13, manually restarting, resetting the device settings, deactivating the device via Netflix and deactivating all online services via the device. None of this has worked. Now that I have deactivated it from the device it now prompts me if I am a Netflix member.

Any suggestions?

So, now that it’s prompting you, and you say YES, and go through the activation process again, when does it reboot?

I type in the activation code on the Netflix site, I can see that the device takes it, it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds, then the device restarts. I tried running it again, and it actually retained the activation code this time (I’m guessing), but still resets after going to the loading screen.

I’m suspecting that it might be an HDCP negotiation problem that’s causing it to reboot.

You could try removing the HDMI cable and plugging in via component instead to see if anything changes (HDCP is unique to HDMI)

I tried it with composite and it still reset. I also tried removing some titles from the queue, I had over 300 and I got it down to about 170 and that did not work either.

Ok, dumb question… You do live in the USA, right?

I do

I’m still having the problem. For a brief moment I thought it corrected itself when the loading screen stayed on longer than it did before, then I got a prompt that the device had been decactivated. I attempted to reactivate and now I’m back to where I was. Any suggestions?

I would replace your device.   

No one else has reported the same set if issues you have, so I can only guess it’s a hardware problem.

I have the same problem since the new update, but to lazy to post since I rarely use Netflix anyways. It does the same thing you describe. Worked fine before the update.

I had the exact same problem.   for some reason the wd box doesn’t like a movie in your que.  try deleting some of the more recently added movies from your que.  I did it, and mine is finally working again.  not sure if this is being worked on, because my wii had no issues with my que, but the wd box did.

The latest firmware update corrected the problem. Good thing I didn’t replace the device.