Netflix issues since upgrading to latest firmware

I couldn’t find my issues in the threads, so I figured I’d start a new thread. I upgraded to 2.05.08 and Netflix will not play anything.

It pulls up everything but when I try to play anything, I get ‘We are unable to play this video’ or ‘We are having trouble playing this video’

When I try to exit, I get an ‘undefined’ (with a yes and no selection box). Then it does nothing and I have to reboot.

Time to roll back?

What gives WD??

I jumped the gun. I did get those errors, but what I didn’t know is that Netflix changed their streaming plans to allow streaming to however many devices as you get discs sent to you. I get 1 disc at a time and I didn’t realize my wife was watching Netflix upstairs.

I saw all the negative feedback so I assumed it was the device. It works perfectly with the new firmware