Need help

I had purchased wd my cloud around 3months back.It was connected to my home wifi network. Used to watch movies on my Samsung smart tv which is connected on same network. 

Recently I moved to new place taken a new router as well as new wifi tv was able to connect on new network but its not able to detect wd my cloud which is connected on same network. I am able to connect wd on my tab as well as my smartphone but not tv .my problem is not  able to connect to tv. My another problem is my windows xp laptop is crashed on which I had installed the app so not able to get through the main app t see or make necessary changes.tried to install the app on mac os but it keep asking for mail id /password. Entered but it says its wrong where as from same id getting the nas alert message. Need help to resolve as my all movie files are on this.

secondly some one pl suggest to how to connect the same to AVR.Recently purchased Denox x2100w wifi avr and projector for HT system.

pl help as local support wd is useless. They dont knoweven what wifi is . Thanks in advance.


I am sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with tech support. Please note that this is not the service we strive to provide. We have passed this along to support and somebody will contact you soon. Please check your private messages periodically

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Thanks will wait

poppy, how did you get it connected to your home wifi network?  I’m assuming that means it shows up on your Network.  Mine did once or twice, there is an icon under “Storage” but it shows as no files.  I can only access it now through the MyCloud icon, and I have lots of files on it.  Very klugy, and now I can’t transfer files between subdirectories.