Need help on WD My cloud

I had connected my cloud on my wifi network and used to access all movie,/ Audio files through my Sony BD player (which is wired connected to same network .) and watch the Audio , Video on my screen Home theater.

Few days back when i started my BD player to watch movie it shows the My cloud Icon but when u click on that icon it shows no content available. Where as on same network my smart phone and tab are connected and from there i can access My cloud app and see all the audio, video files.

I had installed the My cloud on my windows laptop but sometimes back it crashed and since then whenever i had tried to install the app on Mac or Win laptops on same network but it unable to detect the drive.

Can someone pl help me how to resolve this as unable to watch my movie files on My HT setup. Thanks in advance. Pl help.

Access the My Cloud Dashboard with your web browser and ensure Media Serving is enabled on all Shares that you have media in.

Sometimes one may have to check the settings of their DLNA client (in your case your Sony BD player) to ensure its within the same IP address pool (for example 192.168.1.x) as the My Cloud. And sometimes one can remove the DLNA server from the DNLA client and do a rescan to find local DLNA servers on the local network and then re-add them.

Sorry but Can u pl guide me how to Access My cloud dashboard with web browser as i mentioned earlier that laptop on which i had installed the installation app is crashed and on new laptop WIN or Mac whenever i tried to install the app on same network but it unable to detect the drive.

Thanks for the reply.

You input either the My Cloud name (usually http://wdmycloud) if one hasn’t change it, or the My Cloud IP address (for example: into a web browser while connected to the same local network as the My Cloud. Or see the following WD Support link for general directions:

Or read the My Cloud User Manual:

thanks Brother will try.