Can you connect WD Mycloud directly to the TV? (connection drops while streaming to tv on network)

So after having had WD Mycloud for a few months I give up streaming over the network. Atleast once every movie it will drop connection and I can’t resume the movie so I need to fastfoward to where it dropped out. I have tried all recommended settings, turned off everything not required, and tweaked the twonky settings but nothing works.

Is it possible to connect WD Mycloud directly to the TV by USB or something and play the files directly without using the home network? I am not sure it will help but alternative is to buy a regular external HDD.

Anyone else has these problems?

I am streaming to a PS3 connected to the TV (HDMI) and to the NAS (Gigabit Ethernet), and I don’t have any issues with media.

If your TV connects to the NAS through wireless, this might explain the issues. To check on this, try a wired network connection all the way through, and make sure your router/switch is Gigabit.

Another problem might be some compatibility between your TV built-in DLNA client and your content. To check on this, put your content on a USB flash drive and try to connect the flash drive directly to the TV. If the TV can’t play the content, you know the problem, if it can, it doesn’t help solve the issue unfortunately because streaming and playing are not the same.

You cannot connect the NAS directly to the TV.

Try to put a computer where you TV is and try to play the content on the computer. If it plays well with the same kind of network connection, you know it is a problem with your TV. Then, you could try an external DLNA player, like the WD Live, or a Roku player.

Okay, I’ll try your suggestions.

Also I have noticed one more thing. I have 3 devices connected to my home network. My laptop through wireless, my TV through wireless and my WD My Cloud which is connected through cables obviously.

If I’m playing a movie from WD My Cloud and my computer is turned on and I turn it off it will disonnect every time, what could be the reason for this? Seems very weird.

I still get random disonnects if my computer is turned off the whole movie so that’s not a fix,  but I think it’s very weird that the stream always disonnects if I turn off my computer when streaming since it’s streaming through dnla directly from wd my cloud and not through the computer or anything.

The Mycloud does not have a video-out interface, nor a USB port that could be used (it has one, but is for an external HDD only).

However, if your TV has a network interface (RJ-45, not WiFi) AND the TV is capable of playing the movie file format you have, then you can stream directly to the TV over Ethernet.