WD My Cloud stream to TV


Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I am looking for help with streaming my backed up movies from my WD My Cloud to my TV.  

I was hoping to use my PS3 but it apears Sony have implemented a piece of software called cinavia which stops me watching my back ups after 20 mins.  So because of this annoying issue I was thinking of using Google Chomecast but I am not overly familier with the system and how it works.  What I was thinking was to plug the Chomecast into me TV which would then access My Cloud and control it via my iPhone.

Is this possible?

Any advice would be great 

I am surprised the PS3 is causing issues like this. I don’t stream to it from the mycloud but my son does netflix on it all the time.

if chromecast is a DLNA client it “should” work fine, however DLNA seems to be picky so hopefully someone with a chromecast will comment. My TV works fine, my Hopper does not othere have had a number of issues with different DLNA clients, many are ok too so it is a little hit and miss

Hopefully somebody out there will be able to advise me on how to do this or what the best equipment. Yea netflix is fine on mine too its just streaming my own content thats the issue

how did you identify “cinavia” as the issue?

if I don’t forget I will try this tonight but would like to verify I also have cinavia

FYI, i used the PS3 last night to stream a movie from the mycloud without issue

Hi i found out that because im streaming bluray rips cinavia causes the issue but doesnt if its ripped from dvd. Still interested if chromecast would work tho?

Have you looked at WD TV media players or the ROKU?  i use them both and have great success.  i prefer the WD products but they both work.  I don’t have a Chromecast so I can’t help with that.

Cheers for that i’ll look into it roku the only reason i like the look of chromecast is the price and size