Getting disconnected

Hi friends need help.i use tab to transfer the movie file to wd my cloud with wifi.My samsung tv is connected to my wifi and wd .my problem is whenever I watch movies every half an hour my wd gets disconnected.i have to again connect and restart the movie. First I thought it’s wifi problem but rest of the application works ( tube etc).can someone pl help.

Does it happen when you see a movie from your Windows PC, using the WDMyCloud icon that you see under “this PC” (this is the DLNA player icon)

No as i mentioned earlier this device is connected to my home wifi and my tv is also connected to same wifi I choose movie from my, tv which shows the wdmycloud icon I think this is the basic thing that’s why people go for this kind of device.and while watching movie every half hour it gets disconnected where tv is still on wifi smart mode.

I understood the problem from the Tv. I was asking whether you can replicate the same problem when you try to play from a computer, on wifi also, located where the TV is. I am trying to determine whether your problem is with the NAS, the wifi network or with the SmartTV

Thanks Etupes for ur reply but never tried from computer as i am not using any laptop or desktop but when I access the movie file from wd on my tablet it works .no issue. Generally I watch the movie on my tv only with family and it’s frustrating every half hour it’s disconnect then u again connect. My sole purpose of buying this was I can store my movie collection and can see with everyone.
Once again thanks in advance if u can guide me to resolve this.

OK, so when you watch the same movie from a tablet very close to your TV, it doesn’t disconnect? If this is the case, you have a problem with the TV, not with the NAS. Make sure you have the latest firmware on your TV.