Need help wd my cloud ex2 ultra red Drive light and blue blinking power light

I am sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Hey, so I think I have a big problem …

Yesterday my MacBook couldn’t connect to my wd my cloud ex2 Ultra so I wanted to look on the web interface and it was as if the wd was complete new. It asked me for the language and so on, so I did not proceed in that process.

I looked at the wd and both hard drive lights are red and the Power light is slowly blinking blue.

The system is only „awake“ from around 4-8pm normally. The 2tb drives are in raid mode so if one is failing the data is not lost. But as it seems now both failed …
We had no power failure or anything because my second wd is running without any problem.

Please give any suggestions on what to do … I would be devastated to loose those data

Beste wishes,


Did you ever find a solution to this?