Extremely Annoyed Blue and fast Yellow light


I am hoping someone can help me but from what I can see i am fearing the worse. Everything was fine until I got home tonight and tried to access a file only for fine the drive wasn’t there. So I tried to go to the UI and… it couldn’t connect to the drive.

I then looked over to the drive and saw that the light on the front was flashing blue for about 8 secs then yellow for 3.5 second. Constantly. Unplug, reconnect nothing. Unplugged from network reconnected no change. Unplugged everything from the network just it and wifi lappy. No change. Tried the reboot button. No Change.

I can not access any functionality or get it to stop cycling the lights. So tried here and see alot of UI issues but nothing mentioning the lights.

To make matters worse I can not email WD directly as all I get is my log on details are incorrect. Had to create a brand new email address just to enable me to register to post this. On a scale of 1 to 10 I am currently at about a 20 right now and some guidance my just talk me off the edge. I have only have it about 2 weeks.

Very annoyed


Not much hope here, you need to have your MBL replaced.  

Thank you for your reply Vadir. I am at a lost why it should stop like this after 2 weeks. That seems to be very very very bad performance. What is the likely cause.