My cloud not accessible


I have a problem with my WD mycloud ex2 ultra. I have 2x10TB red drives (raid 1) in it. I have approximately 3TB of data inside.

Earlier this week, my device has become unaccessible. It was not responding on request on the network, I couldn’t access it anymore on the web interface. The blue light in front was slowly blinking.

Since i thought it was stuck, and since the mycloud doesn’t have a physical power off button, I decided to plug it out, then plug it in again.

Now the blue light is blinking fast. It is still unaccessible. I can hear the drives are working, but it has been like that for 48h now. Has someone ever encountered the same problem? I’m scared that it will be staying like that and my data being lost. Should I plug it out and try to recover my data with an external enclosure?


If you haven’t done so already, you should post and or search through the dedicated EX2 subforum where users with that device may be able to assist.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, check the user manual for your My Cloud EX2 Ultra, it should list what each LED indicator means. That might give one a better idea as to what’s happening.

For example page 16 of the EX2 Ultra user manual indicates front panel hard drive LED behavior.

Generally this subforum (My Cloud) discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud devices which have fewer features/options than the multi bay My Cloud models have. The single bay/single drive My Cloud line only has a single front LED.

Try option A first because if it is a network problem option A might fix it.

Option B is the one that will reset all the modifications you’ve made, but it does not erase your data.

use a timer to do this process, if you hold the reset button for more than a minute, then your data will be erased.
And yes, I’ve done this before when I lost my password and it worked perfectly.