Suddenly unable to connect to My Cloud

Hi all, my MyCloud was working fine earlier today but now suddenly I cannot connect and the blue light on the front is rapidly flashing. Any idea what the problem might be? Have tried pulling the power and resetting but still getting the same problem. Is it likely to be dead?

Could be in one of the following states

@Profcool Have you looked at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud? Look at LED’s. What device and operating system are you using?

Thanks both, unfortunately that article about the blinking blue light doesn’t give me any clue why it is continuously blinking (it has been for over 24 hours) and why I cannot connect. Likewise the manual gives no diagnosis for a blinking blue light only a solid blue and a pulsing blue light (meaning standby).

I’m guessing that the unit itself has stopped working although maybe the hard drive and the data is still intact. Is there anyway of removing the hard drive and placing it into a separate NAS container? I assume the drive is just a standard WD Red that most/all NAS enclosures take? Actually I will raise a separate thread about that.