Need help setting up a second WD Mycloud

Its been a while since I have done this first of all. I know you have to map the drive first, so I did that, well, I thought I did. I named it drive Y cause my first one is drive Z. What it did however, was make a copy of my original cloud. So now, I am stuck with a drive Z and a drive Y that have the same nearly full cloud in it! How do I un-do this drive Y and make the second cloud show up? I am using Windows 7.

I still cannot figure this out. Anyone have any ideas? I registered the new drive, do I have to install the software again to run the second drive?

UPDATE: I am not sure what this means but now a folder appears in my old cloud titled “Cloud 2”. I did not create this. Again, it is not showing up as the second hard drive, it is just a folder. What is going on here? Please help!

When setting up a second or additional My Clouds on the same local network you will need to give them different names. Use the WD My Cloud Dashboard (via your web browser) to change the name of the second or additional My Cloud units.

To disconnect a “mapped” drive right click on the mapped drive in Windows File Explorer and select Disconnect. Once you have disconnected all the shares you want to disconnect you can start the process of remapping the shares and selecting the drive letter the mapped share should use.

OK. How do I give the second one a new name? First, I need to locate it. The dashboard thing is not finding it either. Also, I right clicked on the other mapped drive and there is no disconnect option. I have included a screen shot to show you what I mean… BOTH are those drives are the same thing. They are my old one, almost full, notice they have the exact amount of files. Somehow, they doubled when I was trying to find my new one.

Login to your router and see what the IP address is for both your My Clouds. I am assuming that since you didn’t rename either My Cloud you also didn’t give them a Static IP’s, so the address should be in the IP Tables of your router.

OK. One is The other is

Easiest method is to disconnect or turn off the first My Cloud then see if the second shows on the network so you can access it via its name or IP address. Or do what SectorGZ suggested by accessing the router and see what IP address the router is handing out to each My Cloud then use the IP address to access each My Cloud’s Dashboard via the web browser so the name can be changed.

Ya, I was able to get into it this way but it is asking for log in information. The username and password I have always used does not work. It says only administrator users are allowed. Was I supposed to register this first or something? I just don’t seem to recall having these issues with my first cloud.

OK, I am at the WDmycloud dashboard. Two clouds are showing up. My old one, which is “James” and I am assuming the new one is “cloud2”. It has a different icon then “James”. It has a blue cloud while James has a cloud with people on it. I right click cloud 2 but there is nothing about renaming it.

Here is another screen shot to show where I am at. I think I got it right other than this part.

Is your second MyCloud a Generation 2? How new is it?

Possibly try this:

  1. Unplug both MyCloud 1, MyCloud 2 (new one) and turn off your computer. We’ll only work on the original MyCloud 1, for now.
  2. Reboot your router and wait for it to finish.
  3. Start your computer (Not sure what OS you are running) and disconnect any network connection to either MyCloud.
  4. Bootup MyCloud 1 (Possibly a 40 second reset wouldn’t hurt either, read the manual for procedure and login info)… check IP through your router … login to the dashboard and give your MyCloud 1 a unique name. Setup Admin Login and Password, Users, Shares, Web Access, etc. that are important. Do Not assign a static IP on the MyCloud 1 (MyClouds are left at the default of DHCP)
  5. Make sure all is correct and functioning. Shut down the MyCloud 1 through the dashboard.
  6. Repeat the processes 4 and 5 only doing MyCloud 2. (MyCloud 1 is shutdown.)
  7. Go into your router and assign each MyCloud a unique IP Address out of your IP range. (Both MyClouds IP’s will be handled by the router)
    8 Plugin both My Clouds and everything should work and be accessible.

You do not need any WD software to setup any WD MycCoud. Remember, the manual has a lot of info that will help you.

That didn’t work either. I ended up calling WD. They had me do the factory reset and then go to the webpage. After that, it amazingly showed up to map. idk how it was that easy. But thank you to everyone who replied.