Bought two new My Cloud Home Duo's but having issues, please help


a few days ago i bought two 8tb My Cloud Home Duo’s

i copied all the data from the old hard drives over to them via network transfer and has no problems

but then i wanted to change the names, went into the settings and changed on fine. But the other one will not allow me to for some strange reason

also strange one hard drives offers more options than the other (see pic)

any ideas why this is happening?

i can connect to both fine on laptop and on mobile so no issues there

thanks for the help

Hello trippy86,

You can refer the link provided below to change the name of the My Cloud Home device.

To me it looks like product improvement is on for one of the devices and not the other.

I tried this before but the name of the hard drive is greyed out.

If you look at the pic the hdd on the right I can change the name but the one on the left it wont allow me too

So. . .this is technically the wrong subforum for a my cloud home unit.
Try this sub-forum:

The older “my clouds” are running different software and have a significantly different feature set.

For one thing, I am not sure how well multiple “home” units play together on the same network. But I don’t know enough to say more.

But these are identical units, one is not older than the other and they are both updated

I think one has just messed up some how so I’ll just factory restore it and start again

Well. . . .let me know how this works out.

I am not optimistic about your odds, however.

Granted, this link may be related to the single “home” drives, while you are running a “home duo”. I am not clear how the underlying software is different. You may find better advice in the “home duo” subforum.

“I have already told you more than I know”.

Well I can debunk that straight away. Both my hard drives are on the same network and I can use both hard drives locally or remotely perfectly including use plex etc. The only issue I have Is i cant rename one of them

I’ll post back once I have reset the hard drive

I got a replacement unit sent to me and I have to send the faulty one back.

Now the problem I have is I cannot use the network transfer feature as it only picks up old my cloud units not the new ones

What’s the best way to copy all the data from the faulty my cloud home duo to the new one? Thanks a lot

Glad to see you are on the road to recovery.

I can only advise the “simple” copy methods - - > never trusted the fancy methods. Can you at least access the file structure on the faulty drive? If all you are worried about is data and media files, I am a huge fan of “drag and drop”. I am unfamiliar with the “network transfer feature”.

I’m having to open up the faulty drive in wd discovery and open the new drive on and drag them to the browser

It’s the only way I found. Its extremely slow
and tedious. I’m so amazed there isn’t a backup feature to USB its 2019!

And it’s crazy the network import feature only detects old my cloud drives, shame because it’s an excellent easy feature

Think when I come to upgrade next time it will be time to move onto another brand as I’ve found more far more negatives than positives with the new my cloud

Yeah, I hear you.

So. . .I am not sure, but part of the issue may be that these are “Home Duos”, which as I mentioned earlier are technically a different product than the “My Cloud”.

If I understand correctly, the older “My Cloud” units are Linux OS based, and the “My Home” products are running an Android OS. The feature sets are decidedly different. The “My Cloud” is much more flexible, but unfortunately a lot less secure from a Cyber perspective. The “My Home” is more secure, but was deliberately designed with a much more basic feature set.

The NAS units (EX2, EX4, EX2100, EX4100 etc) are the only current WD products running the old “My Cloud” O/S.

If you are having to use . . .does that mean all the data has to be uploaded to WD and then downloaded back to your system? YIKES. My system would rollover and die if I had to do that. (My upload speed is advertised as 5mb; but all my NAS devices seem to get 0.5mb upload speed tops when transferring over the internet).

I hear you on the new products. While I really like my current WD devices (I have a MyPassport wireless, a MyCloud single drive, and a NAS); my next device would also be likely from a competitor (The MyCloud software just seems too old at this point; and the “My Home” line is too basic for my tastes)