Changing Cloud Home Duo but keeping HDD

Hello everybody,

My first cloud home duo wasn’t working since few days. It didn’t want to power on, the LED was always off and it was impossible to connect but HDD were OK.
So I went to the shop and changed it (it was under warranty). I kept the HDD with all my data and they kept the HDD of the new one.

The problem now is that I’m not able to setup correctly the new one. I put HDD from the old Home Duo in the new one but the LED keep blinking fast and I am not able to see the device on my app or my computer.

When I go on “”, it ask me to log in with my account, I do it and then nothing. No device found.

Please, is there someone who could give me some help ?

I’m sorry English isn’t my native language. Let me know if something is not clear.

This should work with no problems.
You may have power supply issues so make sure it is connected to the wall outlet and try a different power supply if you have a spare one available.