Need help! G-Safe fan stops spinning after 30 seconds

Hello! I had the alarm going off on my G-Safe 4th gen Firewire system and it was because of the fan. I took it apart cleaned the fan assembly and started it up and it started OK but then the fan turns off after a few seconds, maybe 20-30, so I assumed the fan was bad and replaced it but the same problem is occurring and I would really like to try and fix it. I called G-Tech’s tech support which weren’t helpful so I thought I would reach out here for some suggestions and hopefully a solution. The drives are ok and it’s just the fan apparently so and advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately at this point the hardware on the G-SAFE enclosure is going to be the issue, because of its age and fan issue you’ll either need to keep it externally cooled so that it won’t alarm or try to find a matching G-SAFE enclosure somewhere online that you can swap your drives to.