G-Speed eS turns itself off and then on again

Working with a Mac Yosemite 10.10.3. Using a SATA connection between my Mac and the G-Speed eS.

I have a seemingly peculiar problem. Every single day for the last month or so, I turn on my G-Speed eS, then boot up my Mac. All good. But then, within the first 30 minutes, the G-Speed just turns itself off. I hear the drives slowing and the fan goes off. And then it immediately turns itself back on again. Obviously, the connection to the computer has been lost, so it beeps at me, I have to shut down computer, then restart drives, then restart computer.

That often will be enough, but sometimes it will interrupt me again once or twice later in the morning. It’s almost like the drives are saying: “Not ready to start at a sprint to begin the day. Let’s take this slowly until we feel up to speed.”

BTW, I did try installing the ConfigTool to try and do some diagnosis, but not sure what I was doing wrong. The instructions in the manual don’t correspond at all with what I’m seeing when I open the app.

Any thoughts?

The issue is likely to do with the eS enclosure. The power supply could be failing. It is also possible the eSATA controller card the RocketRaid 2314 can be failing thus why it restarts itself and beeps.

OK. Thanks for the response, Rydia. So, from what you are saying, it seems like I have three choices:

  1. Get a new enclosure without drives, put my current ones in, and see if that works, or
  2. Get a new controller card and see if that works, or
  3. Just start from scratch and get an entire new array

If this is the case, what would be your next move?

Your guess is that this doesn’t have anything to do with one of the drives failing, right?

And: I should probably get make sure all my media is safely backed up because it could be any day that the G-Speed just stops working all together!

The drives failing would show up in a different way, while the unit was on you’d see amber or red lights on the actual drive bays. You could log into the webgui for the eS and it will show you status of the RAID as well.

This is likely related to the enclosure. But at this point unless you have to use an older Mac or PC that uses the card I would move on to a new device as the eS model is long since EOL.

Yeah, the lights always remain blue, so that kind of confirms your theory that it’s not a drive issue. Interesting that the eS is so dated - it wasn’t so long ago that I bought it…2014.

My Mac is also from the exact same time. Right before the MacPro became a tower, so I’m not running with thunderbolt, unfortunately. With that said, can you suggest what my options might be for a replacement?

Other than trying another enclosure to see if that is the issue for sure I would recommend if you keep the system a newer version of the RAID controller card. The RocketRAID 2314 was the original card the unit was qualified for and usually sold with. HighPoint the maker of the card stopped supporting it around 10.8 and released a new card called the 644L. You can get it here: 644L RAID Adapter

Ok. Very helpful. Thank you.

Though I have another open card slot, the 644L would slide right into the same spot where the 2314 currently is? And will I be able to use the same cables that I currently have for the 2314, or will the port be different and I’ll need to order something new?

Same cables, as they are just eSATA cables. You would replace the 2314 as it is the same thing but older.

Got it. I very much appreciate your assistance with this!