GSpeed Q Drive will not turn on

Last night the drive worked fine but this morning it would not turn on. No lights, fans, nothing. I tried switching the FireWire 800 cable but it didn’t help. I need the data from the drives! Help!

Did you check the power cord? They are generic cords so if you have extra you can swap them. Same type of power cords for older monitors, PCs etc.

Thank you, I did switch out the power cord after you suggested it. I also tried moving the system to a different wall outlet, and changing the firewire cable. The fan twirls around once and stops when I try to turn it on. The fan looks quite dusty, might that be a cause? I could try opening it and cleaning it out if that could be it, but at this point I am wondering what my options are for data recovery and to have the drive repaired. I am hoping to restore the data as soon as possible, the drive not so urgently needed. Should I do that locally, or would it be necessary to send it in to g-tech? I am figuring it is not under warrantee anymore as it was purchased in 2010. Thanks again.