G-RAID 4TB Fan Failure

Hey Everyone Thanks for taking the time to read this.
This the second Fan Failure I have had on the G-RAID drive.
A bit of back story, I work for a video production company we have 12 G-RAID drives (48tb total).
The first one failed back in July. G-Tech support not much help as it is out of warranty
(all drives were brought back around 2012 / 2013)
Fan doesn’t spin, checked for any obvious fault without voiding casing. Data transfer from the drive is incredibly slow now (40hrs to transfer 3tb to another drive) This is the same via usb, firewire or sata. I chalk this up to fan failure.

Now I have a second fan failure, The wont just isn’t spinning. Checked for any obstructions as best i could without voiding warranty. Same problem as above. I don’t have a spare 4tb laying around to move the files over too.

I am at a bit of a loss, These are not cheap drives and I expected more simply being parred off with out of warranty.
I am also becoming increasingly worried all these drives are going to die on me over time.

Any advice on fixes or how to move forward would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards