MyPassort & Mac Utilities - Not recognising drive on MAC


I have several WD MyPassport/Passport Ultra drives both for mac and windows and WD utilities recognises them perfectly fine under Windows but the MAC refuses to recognise them. Using WD discovery it tells me to plug the drive in, but it’s already plugged in and can be read/written to by the mac.

What’s the cause of this?

This may be due to incompatible file format due to which data is not accessible. It is recommend to reformat drive before taking backup of important data.


I can access the drivers perfectly fine from Windows 10 or OSX on Mac, it’s the WD utilities that doesn’t see the drives - eg. WD Discovery, WD Secure etc.

Hi Asp73,

I reformatted the drive and still have the same behaviour.
Drive works fine but the WD utilities don’t recognise it on the mac running High Sierra 10.13.6
(But windows 10 computer WD utiltities does - irrespective of the file format).

Managed to borrow a friends mac, that had 10.13.5 installed and WD Discovery/Security/Utilities could see MyPassport fine… as expected. I then upgraded to 10.13.6 and WD applications all continued to function as per normal.

So just now - leaves unsanswered - how do I get WD apps to work on my mac - it must be my mac and not the drive… uninstalled and re-installed but same behaviour. :frowning:

I have had the same problem for months. I have a My Passport for Mac P/N WDBJBS0010BSL - 05. I have downloaded the latest WD software. I’m running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. My MacBook can see and access my data just fine, but the WD Security ( and Utilities ( apps don’t recognize that the external drive is connected to the system! Same question - how do I get WD apps to work on my MacBook?

Hi 767-400

I raised a call with WD support and after numerous trouble shooting steps they found that the WD Discovery agent has a bug and supplied me with a debug version which now works correctly - it didn’t fix WD Security or Utilities but WD Discovery now works for me - on the debug version.

I think you will find when they release the next version - it should be fixed for you.

You could always raise a support call with WD to get an update from them.


The same problem for me with MAC.

One day all of them worked, the other day they don’t. They were in the same place without no changes.

Any OSX update?

Finally it was the Kaspersky Internet Security 19 :frowning:

I have uninstalled it and my drives works again.

Hope this helps anyone with the same problem.