MyCloudMirror Gen 2 firmware updates upon pc restart

I recently upgrade my MyCloudMirror to the latest firmware (2.30.165).
Now, every time that I restart my desktop or my laptop, I get a message stating that the MyCloud is installing new firmware. A little while later I get the message that the link is down and then a few seconds later I get a message that the firmware update was successful.

Next, I need to wrestle with it to regain access. I initially mapped a couple drive letters to some of the shares. After the ‘firmware update’, the mapping is lost and I need to access it via IP Address and remap. Also, sometimes after a ‘firmware update’, in File Explorer, the MyCloudMirror is listed under Network, sometimes it isn’t. It’s getting a bit annoying always having to play around with this thing.

Both computers are running the latest release of Win10 Pro.
Just for the record, I contacted support about a week ago, but no response yet.


Did you try performing a system only restore on the device or re-installing the firmware manually?

Thanks. I did the system only restore and all is well.
Thanks again.