MyCloud mirror-forgot to update firmware before 15th

Hi everyone, I haven’t been using the Mycloud mirror for sometime and so did not realise that I had to do a firmware update before 15th January. I was trying to connect it back to the PC today and looks like I cannot connect it . Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


You have posted in the wrong sub-forum if you own a My Cloud Mirror and not a My Cloud Home.

Do you know how to do a manual installation of the firmware provided you own a second generation My Cloud Mirror?

My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Availability and Supported Devices (

Sorry about posting in the wrong forum. Mine is a MCMirror but not a gen 2. There is no update available and like I mentioned I only knew about it today.


This was the last update. See image below. It only provided a popup about the end of OS3.
Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

I am using my single bay WD My Cloud, first generation, only on my home network now.

Thanks. I tried connecting to my Mac with an ethernet cable. Apparently"that is all you have to do,for a Mac"according to various youtube experts. Nothing happens. It attempts to connect and then stops.The NBN modem has only one ethernet port which is for the router. So I cannot connect it to the modem.