MyCloudEx2Ultra - Literally the worst storage product I have ever purchased

The day I got it, I spent hours on the phone with inept support staff that had me repeatedly try the same steps over and over (reboot computer, reboot router, reboot ex2, rinse and repeat). Oh hey! Finally, I can connect locally to the device… but now it can’t connect to mycloud… why not? “Something went wrong, please check that you have an active Internet connection and try again. Error 400”. What does support do? Spend another hour rebooting things… it still doesn’t work. Let’s try to update the firmware then, yeah? " * Firmware update failed due to insufficient storage space."… What?? There’s 4 TB of completely unused space… since I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN ABLE TO USE THE THING YET. You know what? Maybe something just messed up in initial setup, let’s do a full reset on it. Oh wait, I can’t… BECAUSE IT JUST STAYS AT 0% FOREVER “Factory restore in progress…”. What does support do? HANG UP ON ME… because why not at this point, right?

The time I’ve spent trying to get this thing to just WORK costs WELL more than the price I paid for it. That’s not an exaggeration. If I were to bill my normal rate for the time I spent trying to get this to work, I could buy almost 4 of them. It’s an ugly paperweight, sitting on my desk doing absolutely nothing.

Do not recommend, do not endorse, do not pass go. Literally the worst product, the worst software, and the worst support I have ever experienced…

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Dude, I feel your pain. Just get to the level of a Cisco CCNA grad and it will be all better, NOT!

First, how are you connected? I’m not an expert but I’ve learned a few things. What is your router vintage and do you have any intervening switches, hubs, bridges et al? Are you router savvy? Can you access your router’s attached equipment list? Mom-back.

Hey, appreciate the attempted assist; but to be honest, I punted that thing out of my back door shortly after writing that last post up. I put it in my fire pit, and office space’d it (if you know, you know). I’ve since put in an order on newegg to buy my own parts and build one myself… since waiting for the parts to get here, assembling them, and figuring out Unraid will almost certainly take less time than getting one of these self contained garbage solutions to work.

Again though, thanks for the attempt!

A Yup, understand. Before you go get a bunch of cases et al check “storage space”, or that’s what the MS people call it; I’m sure the Mac folk have an equivalent. It’s basically a disk collector + RAID. You’ll only need a PCIe slot and NVMe or, take your pick of the BIG stuff. I know there’s 8TB from Sabrent but bring $$$. Sorry it didn’t work out AND keep on keep-n on.