Nothing but bad experiences

I bought this NAS (EX4100) because it seemed to receive good reviews.

But after having to deal with the actual product for quite some time now I can tell you it has been nothing but disappointment. The hardware seems to be alright, but WD’s decision in terms of software and limiting functionality is frustrating to say the least.

First I had to read they removed the ability to access the unit remotely over a VPN just before i bought it.
I read on the forums you can still kinda do it using a hack and changing config files etcs but I don’t think its a good idea to do this stuff without understanding what you are actually doing and its asking for problems when things go wrong.
So there goes the possibility to do backups over the net and work with my office based documents in an intuitive/productive way.

Then (now) they release a firmware update that removes support for the WD MyCloud desktop app… Which I used all the time. It was not ideal (far from it) but still better than the alternative useless web interface.
Don’t tell me you can use the (shitty) web interface because that’s useless to me… And frustrating to work with.
It can’t even copy/create subdirectories when i drag a folder into it and I need that functionality. I’m not going to recreate a directory tree of 100+ subdirectories and place each directory’s file contents into it 1 by 1 manually. Just no.

Not to mention all the times the connection fails over the internet (mycloud can’t connect to the device), while my plex media player can just connect fine to the plex media server im running on it…

I’m seriously thinking of trying to return this product under EU law because you guys changed it so much, its not working anymore as the product was advertised.

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