MYCloud worked For a week Now It dose Not Help Please

Hi thanks for your time
I have not changed Anything in MC setting’s It just Stooped working I thought it would be better than the FTP I set up So I don’t need to leave the PC on.
Can I reset everything and Start Again WITHOUT loosing all the data on MyCloud drive and if so without going all the way through the manual How
Your help and time is much appreciated
I Thank You

The manual has a table of contents. You need appendix C.

You should also read the rest of the manual; it will help you get the most out of the MyCloud.

If you gave some more detail about what isn’t working, we might be able to help.

thanks win 10 have now done Reset yes I could as you say read the f* manual but had hoped I could just plug it in and it did work for a while FINE just wot info do you need
And I am really thankful and will do anything to get this up and running
Thank You Barry

More info Me I’m or was an electrician, engender retied now been here since before the Internet have my own FTP Site and hats why I wanted May own Cloud No Need to leave My PC on I do not have a static IP but relay dose not changed My WDMyCloud has over 400 films and 1.7 T of music A personal Cloud is do you Know any one wants to bye one LOL
Just who t info do you need ?
Thanks Barry

Yes, it’s frustrating. I have discovered that my MC requires routine REBOOT to be functional. I now reBOOT the MC every morning. The symptoms are slow (or NO) response to Windows File Explorer.

So, my morning routine is to open the Dashboard and reBOOT the MC.


You say it’s ‘not working’.

In what way is it not working?
What is the status of the front panel led?
What is the status of the Ethernet LEDs?
Can you access the Dashboard?
Can you access the file server?
Can you access the media server?
Can you ping it?
Can you SSH or FTP to it?
Has it just auto-upgraded its firmware?
Has your router changed the IP address using DHCP?
Can you access it remotely?
What tools are you using to try to access it? WD apps? Mapped into your file system? Media players?

If you’ve only had it for a week, the chances are that it has just auto-updated it’s firmware. Which sometimes requires a reset afterwards. Firmware upgrades can also cause your router to reassign an IP address, and that can sometimes confuse various tools trying to access it.

It’s a complex beast, that does a lot of things. As I said; to get the best out of it, it’s worth taking time to read the manual.