Trying to reset and setup the mycloud


I have used the mycloud with more or less success the last year. With a new router in my house I had to shut down the existing wifi network and connect the cloud with ethernet cable to the new router.

And here started the problems.

I was then unable to reconnect to the cloud with my mac. I cannot find it through the normal setup procedure, nor can I use the dashboard. I have done a reset with power on. I am hesitant to do a reset with power off until I can get a 100% guarantee that it will not delete my data. Also, am I supposed to turn it on and THEN press the reset button for 40sec? Its not completely clear from the instructions…

I have also contacted WD support with no answer yet so I really hope someone here wold know what direction to point me next. I am out of ideas and need some help asap :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!


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I was able to solve it. I did the 40sec reset and it worked instantly to connect the cloud normally.