MyCloud won't connect to network

My MyCloud won’t connect to my network. I connect everything I am supposed to (LAN connector that was provided) and the power cable.

The device’s color is solid blue (ready-OS is now ready [Which Operating System? Computer’s? The MyCloud’s?]) I downloaded the “WD My Cloud Setup” software and try to connect it but after a minute or two it says “No WD My Cloud found.”

I live in an apartment complex which has Wi-Fi and it requires a password to access it.

I have a MacBook Air (no LAN connector, only thunderbolt)—if this helps

Is it something I’m doing wrong? Or is it the product?

Any help appreciated. Thank you ahead of time.

Oh, I have the 2T WD MyCloud

What is the network cable from the mycloud connected to?

what are the colors of the LEDs by the Ethernet cable on the mycloud?

what are your goals with the mycloud? Local NAS access? Remote access? other?

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The cable is connected to the wall for the internet. 

The top LED is blinking and the bottom is solid…both are green

I just want a local NAS access so I can backup my files to it. I would primarily use it from my computer. Music, documents, etc.

I am confused here, your 1st post says the apartment provides wifi and your last port says you are connected to a wall jack for internet. How are these 2 connected?

if you are not sure in a command prompt on your notebook run ipconfig /all and tracert when on wifi, then turn off wifi and connect to the wall jack and do it again then post the results

The apartment has both a wall ethernet port and Wi-Fi. 

I am connected to wall ethernet port for the MyCloud and connect by Wi-Fi for my laptop

starting to make sense

the ipconfig /all and tracert from wifi and the wall jack will help to find the issue

I don’t know what those technical terms are. 

What are “ipconfig/all” and “tracert