MyCloud remote access through Windows 10 and Sky Router

I have set up a WD My Cloud 2 TB (model WDBCTL0020HWT-EESN) and have mapped it on three Windows computers on the same home network through a Sky router, local access works very well.
I can access the folders remotely on the My Cloud drive by using an app on an iPhone or iPad, but cannot access these when I use a laptop with Windows 10 using a browser (Firefox or Google Chrome) because I get an error message telling me that the email address or password is wrong, I have added different email addresses using the WD settings screen to test this and I am sure that the credentials are correct. Please can someone let me have detailed instructions to set up remote access through a browser or provide an alternative method of accessing the folders from a remote location.
Thank you

what is the link you are using to try to sign in? there are two different links. one for the regular my cloud devices and one for the My cloud home devices. you will need to use the my cloud home sign in linked below