WD cloud app?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I do not know what to search for.
But is there a way to get WD cloud to work on a computer (W10) same way that dropbox works that we have access directly on its folders in Windows explorer??

Yes. One way is to setup a VPN server on your local network where the My Cloud resides and use a VPN tunnel to it from the remote location. Using VPN will allow one to access the My cloud as if they were on the same local network as the My Cloud. Downside is the setup process for the VPN server which may require additional knowledge and skill to implement properly.

Otherwise one would have to see what options their My Cloud (multi bay models) Dashboard allow in the Settings for remote access beyond the insecure FTP or MyCloud.com web portal. Typically some of those remote access methods require additional configuration to one’s router to enable port forwarding and the like.

WD removed the ability to remote map a My Cloud Share from the web portal years ago when they released the OS3 firmware and revamped the MyCloud.com web portal. WD likewise ended support for the WD Desktop for Windows/Mac software over a year ago as well. Further limiting how one can remotely access their My Cloud.

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