MyCloud OS 5 and My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxx-10): HTTPS-redirection does not work


Yesterday I installed MyCloud OS 5 Limited Public Release into my My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxx-10). Firmware version is: 5.09.115.

I use static ip-address and also Cloud Access is disabled (I would like to use my NAS only my Local Network). NAS have access to Internet so it can check for updates. I read that HTTPS-redirection should work for me: My Cloud OS 5 HTTPS Redirects

Looks like only http-connection to Admin UI only works and https-connection is not. Is there a something that I need to do?

@sIngung You are not missing anything. will not redirect to HTTPS:/UNIQUE_DOMAINNAME

Yes, I did recognized that if I’m trying to access my Admin UI just like I did before with My Cloud OS 3, it is no longer possible:

However, when I’m using just http, it will not redirect. Example:

I don’t have no idea does my device have JBOD Mode. I also did System Only restore but this did not worked. I also did Domain Name Resolution Check but resolution output failed with -domain.

Maybe problem related to DNS Rebinding Protection. Looks like my cable modem (maintained by my ISP) have this on and this is mandatory due to information security reasons.