MyCloud Mirror to MyCloud Remote Backup fails to setup

Hello. I have a 3TB MyCloud Mirror and a 3TB MyCloud (single bay). I would like to setup a backup from the MyCloud Mirror to the MyCloud (single bay). Currently they are both residing on the same network, but that will change once I setup the backup job, and put them in different locations (for off-site storage contingency).
Both are viewable when i login to my account.
I have been following the instructions here ( and everything is working fine until I get to the step where I create the backup job on the MyCloud Mirror. I reach the step where I select the Remote Server in the drop-down. I select MyCloud, and then provide my login credentials. At this point, a window pops up asking “Where do you want to back up to?”. Unfortunately I do not see the 3TB Single Bay MyCloud in that window. Nothing is populating that window, and I am stuck.
What may I be missing? Many thanks for your kind help.

The My Cloud (single bay) isn’t compatible with remote backups.

The KBA you reference shows the drives that are compatible.

Thanks @tonyph12345 for your quick response. Is there any manner in which a backup can occur from MyCloud Mirror to MyCloud?

Well, I’m gonna eat some of my words. The Gen2 single bay has some configuration for remote backup, but I didn’t explore it too much.

Which version do you have?

Hi @TonyPh12345 thanks again for the help and reply. The Source (dual bay) 3TB is a 2nd gen device. The single bay 3tb device (target for the backups) i’m unsure about, but the model # is WDBCTL0030HWT-NESN. I checked the wd website and that appears to be their “currently available” version, so perhaps that’s a Gen 2? Thanks again for the help. Best regards, Chris

I am trying to do the exact same thing. I have made it farther than you - but when it comes time to select my destination on the second drive - it doesn’t accept my password. I’ve started a thread here - perhaps some answers will help: