Backup creation from MyCloud Mirror (gen2) to MyCloud (gen1)

Hello Everyone,

I already tried to my question/answers in the available topics, but I was not successful. If someone already had the same question, please forward me to the topic. Thank you in advance.

So, the situation is the following. I have a MyCloud Mirror (gen2), where I store several stuffs which I would like to back up on another NAS, a single-bay MyCloud (gen1), located in another location. Both devices are registrated with the same e-mail in, both are accessible there.
I tried the MyCloud backup option in the MyCloud Mirror device, thinking that after logging in to my account (with the device), the MyCloud device will appear there, too, so I could simply choose and start the backup procedure. But unfortunately nothing’s visible there, nothing happened.

What is the simpliest solution to perform the backup here? Is there any advice?

Thank you in advance!


I have the exact same request. I had this type of backup between gen-2 and gen-1 devices running for a while but it required the gen-1 device to be set to “remote server” on the router which seems to have made it vulnerable to ransomware (got two infections that did not infect the gen-2 device.) So I have changed the gen-1 setting on the router but now I cannot access the gen-1 via SSH as I was able to do before.
Would like to be able to set this up within my LAN without having to make the gen-1 device open to the internet.