MyCloud Mirror remote sync or backup

Hi everyone.
I tried to find an answer to my question since I bought my MyCloud mirror(2x3TB) in December, but I’m failed.
So I live in the UK and my father live in Hungary and MyCloud is at my home in London. My father has a lot of files from his company (~100gb) and I would like to up to date all of his files on the MyCloud. I already put all his data to the MyCloud via USB flash drive, but I’m not able to get his recent files. I installed WD Sync on his laptop but after a few files it stucked and does not sync anymore. It shows the syncing in progress but nothing happening.
It would be very helpful if someone could help me, how to get the recent files from my father laptop to my MyCloud mirror? WD Synd totally rubbish I need another option.
It is fine if I’m able to get backup like once a week or something like that,
synchronization is not so important.

Thank you, David

Hi bakodavid13,

Please know that my cloud mirror supports Sync and remote backup functionality, however, the remote backup function is only valid to backup from NAS to NAS (Network Attached Storage)

WD sync can be used remotely to sync the data real-time. It recommended to backup the data remotely accessing the My cloud drive from

For more information, you may contact WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting

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