Remote Backup MyCloud Mirror to MyCloud?

Edit: I did some more digging and found that you cannot backup to a plain MyCloud. That’s pretty annoying… I probably would have invested further into the WD MyCloud architecture but because I can’t, I may look elsewhere now…

I’m really sorry if this has been asked before. It’s hard to search considering the terms catch basically everything…

I currently have a 4TB MyCloud Mirror, which I’ve moved about 1.2TB worth of important files onto. I have a fast fibre-optic connection, as do my family members about 50 miles away. I’d like to setup a remote backup at their house, so I’ve got some DR resiliency in place. Considering this will be more of a secure off-site archive rather than a true DR setup, I don’t really need for the remote server to be a RAID MyCloud Mirror.

Would I be able to buy a cheaper MyCloud and use it as a remote backup?

Also, I assume you can setup the backup job to run automatically at set intervals right? You don’t need to manually trigger it each time?

A. Can you setup multiple remote backups (e.g. you have 1 Primary server, and 2 remote backups in different locations)?
B. Can a remote server back up multiple other servers (e.g. you have 2 servers each with 2TB of storage, and they both back up to a single remote server with 4TB of space)?

It’s unfortunate you have decided to look elsewhere for your needs. Nonetheless, WD is always paying attention to feedback for improvements.

I really hope WD will add this feature to backup MyCloud Mirror to MyCloud. I tried different options, like backing up to a Cloud registered device, or FTP, but the latter is only possible from MyCloud to MyCloud mirror and I want it the other way around.
Or do people know other options?

We had a longer discussion about in the german forum. Result: no options found using the normal functions of both MyClouds. I am using a Mac and have a temporary “solution” using the App “OneWaySync”.

But it’s also on my wishlist, having a WD-solution for that.

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So you just copy/synch the files from the one to the other via your mac? That is a possibility, but I’d prefer a decent WD solution so that I don’t need a computer in between the to devices.

After some searching and combining different tutorials this weekend, I came up with the following: Backing up from a My Cloud Mirror to a My Cloud device via rsync
Hope this helps.