MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 16TB drive failure?

I’ve had this NAS since October 2016 and it has never given me any grief. I use it mainly as a DNLA media device and it is set to RAID 1.0 configuration. Recently and for no obvious reason, I noticed it was buffering during playback.It would only happen once or twice. A couple of weeks ago I built a new Windows 10 machine and last night I tried to connect it to my NAS. The dashboard was incredibly slow. Meanwhile, I could hear constant disk activity. I just assumed it was having a bit of a hissy fit and rebooted it. Once it rebooted, I did a quick check on it and it reported drive 2 health bad. I am now doing a full system scan to see what’s going on. It reports system health and RAID health as good.

I tried that Digital Lifeguard program but it couldn’t see the NAS at all. I just want to make sure that I have checked everything before stumping up AU $400 for a new 8TB WD Red drive.


You could refer to the following link: