My Mirror Gen2 Red light indicating HDD1 is Bad

My cloud mirror gen 2 started showing a solid red light. The middle light indicating HDD1 has a problem. When i checked the dashboard and drive status it says the HDD is Bad.

I really need some help with this as i really dont want to lose my data, i can access the drive but performance has dropped. Reading/writing is now slower even on wired connection and the streaming has issues.

I sent this same question to Western Digital on wed, got an email from Western Digital asking me to respond in a survey, but ive had no emails in any folders with a response to my issue!!!


any suggestions what i should do? The support WD has provided has not impressed me, very sad when you pay a lot of money for their products!


Were you using the drive on RAID 0 or RAID 1?

Have you tried resetting the drive? If not, please try that to see if stills the same.

raid 0

reset it but was the same