WDmycloud mirror 8TB gen2 issues


I have contacted support about this who replied with a very unhelpful response and have now since ignored my further emails so I feel I have no choice but to post here to see if I can get any advice going forward.

I own the Gen2 mycloudmirror unit and it has been fine but recently over the past month I was receiving these errors:

Above normal operating temperature
Power loss to port 1

So for safety I turned the unit off as it seems very hot to touch and was making a loud noise but once it had cooled down I turned it back on and ran a diagnostic but told me everything was normal at this point so I assumed everything was fine and was a simple error but I kept a close eye on it. I left it for literally a few minutes to see if the errors occurred and sure enough within a few moments I got the overheating warning again and power loss to port 1 even though when I plug a portable external hard drive in the drive functioned perfectly fine? So once again I decided to power the unit down to avoid damaging the drives and losing my data.

I turned the drive back on the following day to once again try to figure out what was going on and this is where it all went downhill because as soon as I turned it the temperature seemed to rise very quickly and before I could even react I got a “volume not found” error so I logged in and ran the diagnostics and it was now telling me Hard drive 1 was bad and hard drive 2 was good so I assume that the overheating has caused the hard drive 1 to die :confused: and thanks to running the tests on the drive it has formatted my data off of drive 2 which was almost 6TB of my movies :confused:

So I contacted Customer support and I was informed that as my unit is out of warranty there is nothing that can be done… Which to be honest is a little frustrating as this unit was not cheap and I was willing to pay for the repairs which is what I replied to the support agent who has now since ignored my messages completely…

So the point of this is… Is there anywhere I can either pay for repairs or extend the warranty of this unit? Or is it basically rubbish that I may as well throw away? I can replace Hard drive 1 with a new drive but if the enclosure is not cooling the drives the same thing will happen again eventually so that seems a little redundant…

Any help would be helpful as its clear support arent interested in assisting :frowning:

Hi Garya1682,

We were able to locate to in our system and found that you have applied for the Advance RMA for the My Cloud Mirror gen 2 8TB.

In situations like thsi, if you bought the unit with a credit card, they will frequently double the manufacturer’s 1 year warranty (up to two years).