Mycloud Home IP Address Changing

How can I change the IP address and access using ip

I’m not aware of any direct way to change the IP address so you would need to fix it as a reserved address on your network’s DHCP server, whichever machine or router or access point that might be sitting on.
On Windows you can get to the public share with \\a.b.c.d\Public (browse network or ‘net use’) or non-windows with smb://a.b.c.d/Public though the private shares are not as far as I know accessible that way.

The easiest way to stop the IP address changing is to login to your modem/router and access the “Address Reservation” setting and add the My Cloud Home’s IP (and MAC Address) to Resevered. ie Permanent.

Example: The setting should/will be under … Advanced > Network > LAN Settings … i have a TP Link Modem/Router (Screenshot Below)

find your My Cloud Home in the Client List (i have a My Cloud as seen in the picture below) then add it’s IP Address and MAC Address to Address Reservation … example my WD My Cloud is and that address is reserved for it and never changes … it’s permanent. (consider doing this for all devices on your LAN … it makes life a lot easier.)

Consult you Modem/Router’s User Manual for any help you may need.