MyCloud EX2 - Encryption/Decryption

I need to encrypt EX2 which already has files. When I initially set it up last year, I had it set as non-encrypted volumes RAID 1

  1. can I go back to ADMIN and set it as encrypted? Or is this option something that was available only once, at the very beginning?
  2. Will I lose all my files already on there as part of this encryption process?
  3. should I back up all my files and delete them out of EX2 before I begin encryption process so it can be done on a blank volume?
  4. can I come back later, IF needed, re-set as non-encrypted?
    Thank you.

Hi there,

I have not tried this, i believe there is an option to encrypt the drives, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.


according to the manual, volume encryption can only be activated when creating a new volume. When you create a volume (and delete the existing one), everything on the existing one will be gone.

Besides this, you should always have an external backup of your data. The EX2 may fail or accidently delete some files and you will go crazy without an external backup. :wink: