Encrypting My Cloud EX2 Volumes


I have question regarding Encryption in My Cloud EX2.

  1. I’ve created Encrypted Volume on EX2 and then I copied my photos there. Is there a way to decrypt this volume (completely) without losing data that I already transferred (and other way encrypt unencrypted volume without losing data that have been already transferred there).
  2. Do My Cloud EX2 Uses some hardware support for encryption ?


According to The User manual you can select to encrypt the volume when you are creating it. This means after it has been created you cannot decrypt it.

Check page #85 of the user’s manual for more information.


Thanks for replay.

And I think it confirms that you cannot encrypt/decrypt drive on-line. That’s a shame because encryption is now a bit slow so only solution is to create unencrypted volume, but in future (let’s hope WD will solve this issue) I would like to encrypt drive for security reasons and I don’t think that I will have some additional space to dump data from EX2 / recreate volume (meaning also delete everything from EX2) / upload data again to EX2.

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