MyCloud disconnected and not reachable

I have the same problems as the guys in the following thread, which seems to have been closed / at least i can’t write there,

I hat to “reboot” via the electric socket, now it works again, but according to anyone else it probably wont last long … ,

the device states the firmware were up to date (2.30.165), so nothing to be done there … .

So the problem exists , even with the latest firmware.
therefore please don’t close the threads regarding this bug any more

I started using the device (3 TB model) yesterday, and copied about 500 GB of data to it over night, the files show up … but couldn’t check their sanity yet. Then the thing disconnected.

Now I already followed the advices from the mentioned thread, assigned it a static IP and disabled drive sleep mode, and will see what comes.

The setup is a netgear-router, connected to the MyCloud, a PC and the web

What model Netgear router do you have, how is the My Cloud connected to it and how is your computer connected to the router? Do you know which generation of My Cloud your have, 1st or 2nd generation?