cannot connect to My Cloud EX2

Realizing that the EX2 is no longer supported, I can no longer see my EX2 from Either on Windows 10 or android browser (Chrome). When I try to logon i get “no devices found”. I can access the management dashboard and I can access it via android and iphone apps. I have not done a 40 second reset. Any suggestions?

this is an EX2, not EX2 Ultra (which is still supported)

I also have WD MY Cloud EX2 that is a paper weight now, can’t access it now. I using a iMac 27" 2019 running macOS Catalina 10.15.4. i believe that WD is not supporting that device any longer. Software does not work on the EX2, but still works on the EX2 Ultra. I gonna try to contact WD during the week, because I would like to know from someone from support, is this true.

Hi, I’m obviously late to this party, but had no idea EX2 was no longer supported, nor did I receive any email notification from WD (which is not surprising). I can’t connect to my EX2 on my Mac OS Mojave. I use an ASUS Router and it is appearing on the device list, but even hard connected from my computer to EX2, I cannot connect to it. Any ideas?