Help: MyCloud EX2 Ultra now working on my MacOS


I’ve been searching (and will continue to search after I post this). I’m a little rusty, but do have a basic understanding of how the network works.

The details:

I’m running Mac OS with Mojave 10.14.3, I have a Netgear Switch that connects to the network. As far as I can tell, that is where I need to plug in the device.

All lights are on solid blue. When I go to the set up page or the manual set up http://mycloudex2ultra.local/ the pages say “my cloud device not found” and " IP address could not be found".

I see people talking about a dashboard. Is that something I need to install as well to find the device? I’m lost here. The instructions that came with it showed how to plug it in and go to the set up page. I did that. I did the 40 sec reboot. Still nothing.

I’m hoping it’s something easy that I’m missing. Please help!


AAAAAAnd Solved it.

I moved it from the Netgear switch to a port in my office. Connected easily.