Accessing Dashboard on Macbook and on Mobile Samsung Note 9

Good Evening, I’ve had my EX2 for 5 years now, and I can say, from day one, I’ve yet to go without the same 2 issues arising.

  1. I can’t access Dashboard on my Macbook. Yes, I’ve done the hard reset on the EX2, the 10 second, the 40 second, and initially everything works fine for a week, then no longer connect to Dashboard on my home network.

  2. Further, the My Cloud app on my mobile phone connects initially, but hen stops. I open the app, get the list of MyCloud EX2, Mobile Device, etc., but if I tap on the EX2, I get the spinning cloud of death that results in Drive Offline; Local Docs are available (971).

I just reset the EX2 this week. All was wonderful. I used an ethernet cord from my Macbook to the EX2 and uploaded another 4,000 photos, flawless. I can see those photos using old WD Photos app. Yes, WD Photos went away, but if you ever downloaded from your play store, it’s still there and if you have the same OS you can simply transfer from old phone to new. I love WD Photos, but sadly, it only covers the photos and not your videos. Regardless, for the first 3 days, I could open my Macbook at home and connect to my dashboard using the http://mycloudex2/local. Now, I can’t Initially, the WD Cloud app worked on the phone so I could upload, but now, it doesn’t

As I said, I’ve had these same two issues for 5 years. I have read more reviews than I want to with others having the same two issues; when does it get fixed by WD instead of possible work arounds. It’s getting to the point to just carry a 1 TB Sandisk SSD and connect to the phone

@Katnosferatu This is the sub-forum for My Cloud Home. You need to go back to WD Community and post in the sub-forum for the EX2!