Setup of My Cloud Ex2

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you guys will be able to help with some of the problems I’m facing with the device I just bought hours ago.

At the very first step, after downloading the My Cloud desktop app I’m having an error 1) there was an error connecting to the server and afterwhich I got this 2) we’ve have detected that you may not be able to mount a shared folder.

What can I do to rectify this problem. Did I miss a step or is it has got to do with my internet.

Secondly, the few times that I managed to get on to the Dashboard, I have this error “network link is down”

Lastly, as I’m using a MacBook, I can’t access the contents through Finder nor can I even connect to the device over the server.

Wish that any of you guys that faced any of these problems will be a great help! 549 bucks and this is what I get! Grr

Try asking on the EX2 forum…

In which case, check you have downloaded an app compatible with the EX2…  I don’t use the WD apps, so I’m not sure if there are different flavours for the different devices.

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How is your network setup?  Are you on the same network as the drive? Are you on wireless or wired? What version mac os? 

Don’t use the app if you are accessing the drive locally (same network).  The drive should be listed in Finder under the ‘Shared’ section.  Alternatively, you can click Go > Connect to Server and type out the following:  smb://wdmycloudex2.local/