EX2 Failed To Connect

Hello All,

I’ve got an interesting/frustrating problem with my recently purchased EX2. I’ve been using 2 separate Macbook Pros (one 10.8, one 10.10) to connect to the drive. The drive has been mounted as a network share, I’m not wanting to use the my cloud app that WD provides, I’d rather just use Finder. I have provided the log in information for the network, and the first few times that I connected to the drive there was no issue.

I am now running into the issue where when I try to connect to the drive in Finder, I get these annoying “connection failed” messages. The drive is up and running, I can connect to the web administration console, and I can even connect to the drive using the WD my cloud app. I have tried restarting the drive, as well as the router, but neither option has fixed my problem.

Currently the firmware version is 10.5.30 on the drive.

If it’s relevant in any way, I’m running dropbox on the drive, as well as the iTunes server.

I’m using a Linksys E2500 router (not gigabit, but speed isn’t super crucial in this application).

Any thoughts on what could be the issue and how to resolve it?

Hello Tim, Welcome to the WD Community. Are you connecting to the drive using the IP address or the drive name? You can review the steps on how to map a WD My Cloud EX2 in the link below.

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac