Macbook Failed Connection

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with my new MyCloud EX 2 Ultra Device and the updated OS to Catalina. I am also not a tech guy.

  1. I cannot connect to the WD EX2 Ultra anymore since I updated OS to Catalina. In finder, it says, “not connected” and when I do connect (again) to smb://MyCloudEX2Ultra it shows me under Locations on the left under MyCloudEX2Ultra “Connection failed”. In the Location ***'s Macbook I can see all the folders on the EX2 but the folders have a “one-way street sign” stating that I do not have the permission to access them (any of them, even the public ones).

  2. The WD Discovery software does not show anything, i.e. I cannot access the WD device via the software. The only way to access EX 2 Ultra is online or via the IP address in Safari.

Can you please help how to connect with finder or WD Discovery the EX 2 Ultra?


You could refer to the following link: Mac "Connection Failed" Message