WD My Cloud EX2 can't be accessed outside local network

Our office WD EX2 was set up and was working correctly since June 2016. We were access files on home PCs or phones using WD apps. There was also no problem to access files through MyCloud login. Since Christmas access to EX2 from outside was not possible. We found all cloud access accounts connections vanished. After I set new emails and got codes for home PCs I expected to get everything back to normal, but this didn’t happen. We have checked all our internet connections and settings, dashboard shows "connected " to cloud access, but everything working just within our network. Access through MyCloud.com login is working only on PC in office, at home I have message “device is offline”.
Later I found there was automatic update of firmware on 21st December. Could it be reason why all cloud connections were deleted and now is EX2 inaccessible from outside world?

I am having the same issue, been working on it for a few days now with support. Have not really gotten anywhere with them. Can you access it via your mobile device using the My Cloud app? That still works for me but outside my local network I cant get access with a web browser. I just got my EX2 this week so it has never worked for me.

There is another thread about this here: Cannot connect to my EX2 Ultra via mycloud.com

It’s accessible within our office network using mobile app (if on wifi) or through web page MyCloud.com with login, but once outside (home or usual mobile network data) it doesn’t work. It’s looks like it’s blocked from outside internet.

Same here, I can access it via mobile app or a web browser on a pc via mycloud.com when I am in my house connected to my WIFI. When I am away from the house I can still access it from the mobile app but I CAN NOT access it from a web browser using mycloud.com. I get an error that says to try to refresh the cert. I do get logged into mycloud.com but it shows the EX2 being disconnected (when I am on my WIFI is shows connected).

Can you access it via your mobile app outside your office?