MyCloud 2TB - Solid Red, Soft & Hard Reset unsuccessful

Several months ago, I unplugged my working MyCloud v2 from a Netgear router that had died. Either on unplug or replug (I don’t remember now) into a working router, it immediately went to Solid Red. I unplugged power and haven’t messed with it again until this morning.

Today, I tried the soft reset, and hard reset, and still come back to a Solid Red light. I hear plenty of disk activity. It is getting an internal IP from the router. However, it’s inaccessible from the web interface or SSH.

Any suggestions appreciated.


If this My Cloud had firmware version 02.xx.xx then you should update it to OS5.

Devices Available and Supported for My Cloud OS 5 Firmware Upgrade (

My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual (

@cat0w I’d happily do so, but I can’t get connected to the device at all, neither SSH nor Web client.

Here are the User Manuals for both the 1st and 2nd generation WD MY CLOUDS. The first generation OS3 firmware version 04.xx.xx is the one that would show a solid red LED. It can no longer be used connected to the internet.