MyBookLive remote access failed



I just got my new WD MyBookLive 2 TB and now i try i set it up.

I go to settings - remote access and error pops up: 31550: error adding mobile access: internal server error. Retry your last operation. if the error is persists, contact WD Support for assistance.

then i press close and try to enable mobile access, but then error pops up again: 31564 error configuring remote access: the device status could not be updated due to an communication or internal software error.

then i close this and then it says connection status: failed - cannot establish remote access connection. make sure you are connected to the internet (error 31520)

i dont know what to do. I have tried to update everything. can someone please help me? :slight_smile:

  • Casper.

Funnily enough, I have just experienced exactly the same thing. I have trawled the Forums and found a couple of articles, but they realte to older units, whereas mine is brand new, clean install and has the latest firmware.

So, I have emailed support asking for their help and will keep you posted.